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Xm Radio

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Hey all,

Let me know what you think about this XM install I just had done in my car. XM kills, the sound is great and the install is tidy and unobtrusive. Since I am a nonsmoker losing the ashtry is no probs and of course there is an additional power recepticle in the center console.


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I know I am going to sound like an XM sales rep here but I have to tell you it is unbelievable. Way, way better than I expected and virtually no commercials.

There are 100 channels with every kind of music you can think of plus news, business, kids, comedy and sports.

Put it this way I don't listen to CD's anymore...

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I really want XM radio lol.

Could you (if you dont mind) tell me what you paid for that install? It looks great. I have seen some great installs but nobody ever says what they paid and I have no ballpark to go on...

Did they hook it up with an FM modulator?

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Yes, this does look great. I was thinking about doing the same thing with a Kenwood H2A portable for Sirius if it will fit. Otherwise, I'm stuck with using something like the Audiovox.

One question...how hard was it to remove the ashtray, and is it possible to replace it later? I want to be able to make it look "good as new" at lease end, so I'm really looking the least destructive way to do this & still have a "permanent" instalation.

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Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. But here are the answers.

1. What I Paid for the install. I bought the controller used for $100. I bought the antenna new for $45 and the install I paid $80. Total cost $225. Pretty reasonable.

2. Yes they used an FM modulator and no interference on the regular radio and no static on the XM.

3. Where did I get it done. Well, that's the embarassing part as I swore I would never use these guys but... I had it done at Circuit City and I have to tell you they did a first class job. I have owned 3 BMW's and had aftermarket equipment put in all of them by high end shops. Circuit city did it MUCH cheaper and every bit as well. I was very, very surprised (and pleased).

4. Well they took out the ashtray insert completely (which I kept) but they did cut the housing to accomodate the controller. They insisted I could put it back and the guy I bought the used controller from returned his car to stock.

It is such a tight install whoever buys this car next I am sure will be pleased (unless they smoke of course).

Oh and BTW they installed the antenna inside the car on the rear deck. Works great, great signal and no ugly antenna sitting on the roof.

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Awesome. Unfortunately they've stopped making the Pioneer controller! So I'll have to see what else they have.

I've seen some sweet installs from Circuit City/Best Buy etc too, but I've also seen bad ones. Its a crapshoot really.


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