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Hood Insulator Removal Question


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I was wondering what the function for that black insulating mat covering the bottom of the hood/bonnet does.

Is it to dampen sound, deflect heat (divert away from hood), or does it do both?

If it deflects heat, what kind of issues would I get if I took it off anyways? (how long would it take for paint to oxidize?)

Sure these might be the most random questions :geek: but I read that it saves a little weight (and it's in the front) and helps cooling (all that heat might end up radiating through the hood).

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I am not so sure that it really protects the paint. My black SC gets hotter sitting in the summer sun than it does from the engine. I don't think that will cause you any issues.

The engine blanket has 2 purposes. One is to make the underside of the hood look better. Some will argue that point, but to each his own. The "real" reason for the blanket is fire protection. The blanket is designed so that during an engine fire it will fall down on top of the engine and hopefully smother out a fire. It does not always work, but that is what its design intent is. I believe it is dictated in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).


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