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Hate to bring up this old thread but it's the same issue I'm having. I figured I may as well post here instead of making a new thread on a duplicate subject. 1996 LS with P0115. Car has been acting really weird lately with super low idle and stalling. It's hard to start back up after it stalls. For the past few day's it's been running normal again for whatever reason but I've got the P0115 code. I JUST replaced the coolant temp sensor for the ECU under the plug wire bundle. The code went away for a while but is back now. I'm planning to download the manuals today but I'd like to get an insight I could on this issue. With a new sensor what else could it be? The gauge on works like it should and shows nothing abormal. Should I replace the switch too? Could a, what appears to be working fine, temp switch cause this light? Maybe I'll test the resistance one the car cools down. It'll be tought to get it to 70 F with a 95 F heat outside!

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