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Purchasing Lexus Lx 450


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I am looking at purchasing a Lexus LX 450, however I noted that the vehicle shudders from a stop when accelerating. I think it's the transmission but I am not sure. Has anyone had this problem? I am in the process of having the vehicle inspected at a Lexus dealer, and there are a few issues: 1. The front axle seals are leaking. 2. The CD changer does not work. 3. The motor for the power antenna does not work? Has any had any experience with the cost required to repair these items? I really like the vehicle, but I don't want to be stuck with a huge repair bill for these items.

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the shuddering might be driveline associated. The transmissions are known to be quite reliable, so I doubt it's the tranny.

The radio antenna has been know to fail. it's most likely the plastic teeth on the cable in the motor. I need to replace the one in mine and my wifes...and have 1 replacement cable.

IIRC, there's a write up here somewhere and I know there's on at www.ih8mud.com in the 80s series Land Cruiser/ LX 450 forum.

The axle seals are not difficult to fix, but are very messy. At a shop expect to pay anywhere from $1200 USD to $1500 USD to have them torn down, repacked, with new bearings and seals. It's part of the routine maintenance. If you can do it yourself, the parts aren't very expensive, but there is a bit of dirty work.

The CD changer has been known to go out. Most people replace the entire unit with something new. That's the route that I'd go.

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