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big dfference.

in 2004, Lexus came out with the RX330 which had a new restyled body. It was completely redesigned and was larger in every way. Lexus picked up the short comings of the RX300 and improved upon them. My opinion after owning both, the RX330 is a much better car, but thats my opinion.

The engine was also changed. The RX300 like its name says it has a 3.0 liter engine that produces about 215hp. The RX330 like its name has a 3.3 liter engine that produces 230 hp.

try them both, both are great cars.

cons in the RX300 include:

1) weak in the engine department

2) large turning radius that is sure to give you much embarassment in U-turns

3) out dated looks

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