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Performance Mods.

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I've tried looking around the various forums for information on performance mods. My old man just got rid of his chipped MB e500 and replaced it with the LS460. He absolutely loves the car but kind of misses the driver's feel. Since he is computer illiterate I started looking for some mods with no luck. I know this is an extremely young car so wasn't expecting to find much. Bottam line, has any company produced engine or transmission software, high flow exhaust, high flow throttle body, etc.? Sorry if this has been brought up before but I haven't found anything (if it has, could you point me towards the thread?) Thanks in advance for your help.

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There are rumours that the LS460 can reach 170mph when the electronic governor is removed. I say governor but it may simply be a software switch, but that has not yet been hacked. The North American version can only reach 130mph. Tweaking the engine with tricks like !Removed! cans, headers, air kits, or superchargers may be redundant as the car is already capable anyway. Give it a year, and I'm sure some techies will have it all worked out. At that point you may want to consider a beefier suspension, and some Z-Rated skins.

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