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A/c Blinking Light - Did Diag Already


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Hello All

I did read the forum before emailing.

I have an ES 300 , 2003 model with 37,000 miles and no warranty

Last night, my A/C light started to blink and there was no cold air coming

I took to local mechanic and he said the freon is good, it must be the compressor

Then I read up on this mailing list

I did the diagnostics which came to 00 = Normal, but my A/C light still flashes

Reading the mailing list, it was said that its due to Compressor lock up

Also someone mentioned there is a TSB EL009-05 and this has to do with (A/C magnetic clutch relay for A/C light flashing (inoperative A/C) issues on some vehicles equipped with a magnetic clutch compressor)

The fan works just fine. I have turned off auto.

After turning A/C button on and off for a few times, its is now solid and not blinking

I did notice that the compressor belt/rim was not spinning, but then started to spin which is when the A/C like became solid

Also, there are no unsual sounds from the engine

I hope I am making sense here

Q1) What does compressor lockup mean and how do I fix it

Q2) I was reading somehwere that if I had warranty this would have been covered as its not normal wear and tear



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does it flash every time you use it?

Mine did it a couple of times right after the AC belt got severly splashed by a huge puddle. Never happened since. This can happen when the AC belt starts to slip. When was the last time the AC belt was replaced. Check it to see if it is old, worn, cracked, hardening or too loose.


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