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Car Alarm

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Okay, now I'm just baffled :huh:

I went to go unlock my trunk (from the outside with the factory theft deterant system still armed) and my horn starts honking. And it didn't stop until I unlocked the car with the disarm button on the keypad. This same thing has happened only one other time in the 2 1/2 years I've had this car - about 2 years ago, under the exact same circumstances. But I go in my trunk before disarming the car every single day. I did absolutely nothing different than usual.

I thought our cars didn't come with audible alarms - only the theft deterant ignition kill. There is no aftermarket alarm on the car - at least I've never seen any extra electronics under the hood or under the dash to indicate such.

So I'm just wondering if this has happened to anybody else.

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