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2jz-ge Adding A Turbo Help

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Hi,I currently have the 2jz-ge , I want to turbo charge it and I was wondering what are the minimal parts required to put a turbo on and see some gains

I already have the turbo unit(the circular looking thing) that I took off an 2jz-gte so what else do I need?

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Actually I intend to build my own turbo kit,Not literally,I just want to know the parts that are required So i can buy them and Have them put on by a mechanic,Like I'd rather buy the turbo and the intercooler seperately instead of in a set,I just want to know waht Parts i need for an operational turbo.

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It depends on how much WHP you are shooting for. Are you going for a fully built motor or are you just going to use a thicker headgasket? Who is going to tune the car for you? Is the "tuner" going to use a stand-alone for fuel management or chip burn it? Is the "tuner" going to run the HFM in a draw-through or blow-through set-up, or no HFM at all (MAP sensor). Are you going to add a level 10 torque converter to your transmission?

There's a lot to "slapping" on a turbo. If you're still interested in going the FI route and would like some help, then please answer the above questions.

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