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Garaged Flooded. Is My Car Ok?


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Due to incredible rain in the NYC area, my garage was flooded. I was out of

town when the flooding happened and the water level in the garage was about 12-15 inch high according to the stains on the garage walls.

My '06 ES330 was in the garage and I see NO evidence of water coming into the interior. The interior was dry when I opened the doors. I just brought the car back from a friend's and during the short ride, I didn't hear or feel anything strange (I thought I heard sound of liquid moving somewhere in the car, but I'm not sure if it was real or my imagination).

What are the symptoms of water damage to a car? Should I bring the car to a dealership?

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The big problem with water damage is that symptom's usually don't show up immediately and can take up to months or years before they happen.

This happened to me some years back when I bought a used 1988 Oldsmobile from some guy. He never told me that this car was considered a flood vehicle, and over the period of a few years I had an unbelievable amount of electrical wire and component failures.

Maybe your car wasn't affected due to the fact that newer cars have better insulation, but in any case, I would contact a Lexus dealer and get their opinion. Good luck.

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