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Lexus Is Vs Saab 93

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Hi Everyone,

Just registered today. No Lexus owner yet :blushing: , but more and more impressed/interested in the IS. I currently have a Saab 93SS (MY06) :whistles: , which has key features I am looking for:

- Great look

- Fun to drive

- Rare

- Comfortable, both for front and back seat passengers

- Good trunck volume (we have two young dudes, hence the need for space, though not at all interested in SUV and the likes)

I found these in the Saab, though I also found less nice features (rattles, finish not the finest).

We don't see loads of IS around here, which is a good point for me (lesser for Lexus I guess), but the more I see it on the road, in real (rarely, again), the more I find it looks awesome. :rolleyes:

But from the reviews and others, looks like the IS is not great in terms of either back seats space, nore trunk size. And what about the fun factor ?

Any one here to share some insights on the IS or even better, used to have a 93ss and can give his/her feeling about both cars ?


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The safety in a Saab is something to be experienced, as I did when I was driving alone and was rear ended on the fwy outside Brussels in Mom's '95. With a 30 mph speed differential, the impact felt like it was spread evenly down my spine, just a few ounces per inch. The Saab was totaled. Resale value on Saabs in Belgium is terrible, maybe worse now that it is a GM car. Lexus is a big step ahead in quality.

I feel the IS would do much beter on resale, just as well on safety, and close enough on trunk and interior space. Probably much better on gas mileage - important at almost $6 a gallon. If you are an expat recently assigned there, you will soon find out how big an IS or Saab is when you first go to park it somewhere.

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it can be argued that the IS is the most fun to drive lexus yet. Its sporty and yet has an elegant luxury look and feel to it. It definately has a small trunk, and small backseat, but i imagine it to be similar to the saab since that is a semi compact car as well.

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