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I Replaced My Rr Brake Caliper


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Well, last week I replaced my right rear brake caliper. It had been working fine, but it's that trust thing ya know. After burning up nearly a whole pad two months ago, I decided that for $94, I'd just replace it. I am impressed because it was so easy. The caliper I got from Bap/Geon was the exact same as what was on the car. It came with new pads and hardware, but the guy at Bap/Geon told me not to use them. When I took it apart I knew why. The shims were glued on and the wire springs were cheap. I used my original pads (which I replaced two months ago) and all the original shims and springs. The only problem I encountered was after I had installed the new caliper, I realized that the brake line had to be screwed in by rotating the caliper. So I removed the two 17mm bolts and connected the brake hose.

I have a Powerpoint presentation with pictures and directions. I wasn't able to post it because "you are not allowe to upload that type of file." Send me your email address if you want me to send it to you. I also put a couple of the pictures in the LS gallery.

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