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Power Seat Binds Up On 96 Sc400

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I'm having a problem with the pasenger power seat on my 96 sc400, the motor works, but the seat seems to be stuck on somthing, but its not. One side will move a few inches back and forth, while the other remains still, any ideas. I have looked under the seat with a mirror and flah light, and observed the motors, and worm drive gears, it apears that one of the worm gears is not rotating. There apears to be an enclosed drive shaft runing from the motor, to the oposite side, but because its enclosed, I can't see whats happening. My next question is, how do you remove the seat, it dose not appear to a strieght forward task.

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Did you check the track to make sure nothing is preventing the seat to move on that one side. Like a coin or something. Thats the only thing I can think of. Is this something that previously worked ok and now its not?

yes it worked yesterday, Ill have to get under the seat with an inspection mirror and flash light

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The passenger seat on my '95 SC400 is suffering from a similar issue. Here is a link to some feedback I received:


Do let me know if you find a resolution to the problem. I put it on the backburner for now waiting for summer weather. While I appreciate this individuals suggestion it is a little over my head(tools/space/talent) and am hoping for an easier solution.

I think my best bet is to try to find a seat motor out of a wreck with a functional regulator.


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