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Rear Brake Pad Design


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Just got my new rear pads from Irontoad. Was surprised to see that 2/3 of the pad area is ground away leaving only a small (1.25"x2") area in the center of the pad to come in contact with rotor. As the pad wears, there will be more pad contact with full contact not coming until just before you hit the replace pad indicator. I've seen pads with chamfered edges. but this is extreme. I have not removed the old pads yet so I don't know if this is a design change or an exact match with the original.

What's up with this? Why is Lexus machining away so much of the pad?

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RE Rx300, AWD w/73k miles. Changed my rear brakes yesterday. Had about 1.5mm left before hitting the wear indicator. Wanted to pass along an important tip. The bottom slide pin on both calipers was frozen.

So, even though I had plenty of miles left on the brake pads, the calipers needed maintenance. Don't wait until the pads wear out to check/maintain your calipers.

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