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Simple Nav Question


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Hey guys-

I am about to buy an IS 250 with nav and I haven't test driven the model with the nav feature. My question is, when driving with the nav, does the whole map rotate as you turn, or does just the icon turn. We have an O4' GX that just the icon turns but we recently had an RX330 as a loner and the whole map turned and the icon stayed pointed north- it was so annoying

Thanks a lot


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lol you can change it either way by pressing one button on the nav interface.

on the left hand top corner, there will be a compass (check your car), push the compass and it will turn into the other mode, press it again and its back

i hate the rotating thing too, but i can understand how it would make sense to those who cant tell left from right ;)

p.s. your suppose to post in the 06-07 IS250/350 subforum...not this page

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