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Tein Type Flex Coilovers

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Well, I have them and they are now installed. The company that installed them charged a bit more than I anticipated, but they are guaranteed now.

The ride is stiffer than I expected, but not objectional yet. I will be adjusting them over the next few weeks to see what setting I like best. Boy, the car corners like a cat now.

My initial setting was in the middle at 8, I have upped them to 10 now.

Here is some info:

TEIN Type FLEX Coilovers - Lexus SC300/400 92-00.

TEIN Type Flex (Driving Spec Control Master) Coilover Kit.

The FLEX Coilover kit has full-length adjustment and height

adjustment for separate setting of the height and spring preload.

16 Levels of damping force adjustability. TEIN FLEX has Teflon coating

for rust prevention. All TEIN FLEX Coilover Kit includes Pillow Ball

Upper Mount. The FLEX Coilover Kit is compatible with EDFC

(Electronic Damping Force Controller). Adjustable length and twin tube

shell case. With EDFC you can have your own special setting for sporty

driving and ride comfort. Your vehicle will be able to meet all road conditions!

TEIN FLEX Coilover Kit Include. Adjustable shock absorber x4, Main spring x4,

Lower spring Seat x4, Spring Seat lock x12, Bump rubber x4, Dust cover x4,

Hook spanner x2, Instruction manual


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I am experimenting with the comfort/performance settings on the Tein's. I have turned them all the way down (Soft) and drove that a while. I went back and clicked them up 2 places on all of them.

Wow! that is the comfort and the response I was looking for. I will drive these for a while and may click them up one or two more in the coming days.

The adjustment on these coilovers is super simple.

:P :cheers: ;)

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Tein flex coilovers are the best....You pay for them too...Lucky to get a set for under $1000... Ouch...

You know they have an electric setting box made for in cabin suspension adjustments...Toggle switch to adjust...Very cool for tein flex's...

I will sport the Tein flex's one day in my ride when I see a good deal pop up...For now I am dealing with the Eibachs and Tomiko crap...

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The Eibach lowering springs are very stiff when new, after 6 months the ride will smoothe outs.... The frist three months of use you may want to burn the Eibach springs....However, The car will handle like it is on rails though.......

Coilovers are the best choice by far, but for a year or two the Eibachs and Tomiko's aren't bad if your into cornering and handling.....May even beat out a coilover system.....Suspension is reduced by 33% with the 2" drop from the Eibach's....Hit a "big" bump the car may bottom out.... Hit a turn and the car grips....It's a trade off...

Night and day compared to stock....

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....Hit a "big" bump the car may bottom out.... Hit a turn and the car grips....It's a trade off...

Night and day compared to stock....

Yeah, that's definately something i'm going to have to give some thought to. For us to be the "Motor City", Detroit roads have got WAY too many potholes, bumps, cracks and every other garden-variety option for utterly annihilating any cars suspension and alignment. If I were to lower my ride (the preferred look) It'd definately shorten the suspension life-expectancy. On the other hand, I don't like plowing into corners like some big, dumb Camaro (with the stock setup) either.

What to do, what to do. :whistles:

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I have been looking for the stock measurement for the suspension. I am not even sure what to ask for. I would like someone to take a measurement from the center of the wheel to the bottom of the fender on a stock SC400 and post that measurement here.I should have done that measurement before installing mine, but I forgot.

Mine is a 1992 SC400.

So far I am really liking the feel of these coilovers. THey are more stiff than the stock suspension, but not objectionable to me. I set the ride stiffness to the softest and then went up two clicks on each coilover. That seems for me to be the best. If, however, you want to duplicate the stock settings and softness, get the SS not the Flex.

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