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Local Club Meetings...

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Hey guys,

I was just throwing this out there. I also am a club member of Probetalk.com...Ford Probe that is (can we keep that whole ford thing on the dl? :whistles: ) Anyways, point being...they have a section completely dedicated to the local groups (it is @ the home page of the forums) and they plan many group events even if it is just a road day trip over the mountains (or through a desert depending on where you are). Moral of story, I was wondering if anyone else out there would be interested in a section like that or if it would even be possible or does this idea just completely suck? :unsure: .

Just a :cheers: (good idea) or a :chairshot: (Alright blk & blk you need to shut the.....) would work. I am just curious really. Input!

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we do have a section for meetings.check all the way down on the forum page and you will see it.not many people here seem interested in meets though because theres not much activity in the section.

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