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Cd Changers.. What Will Plug Right In?

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HELLO!! newbe here! :unsure:

i've got a 95 GS300, it came with out a cd changer, what changer will just plug right in? and how easy is it to add a changer? are the wires pre existing? i've seen on Ebay many Lexus changers, are most of these enter changeable? post and send all ideas, please

tia st295X98@yahoo.com


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if your radio has a cd button your gs is prewired. if your radio band row ends with tape button to the far right you arnt prewired. lexus does not sell the cd changer cable seperate. it is part of the 1500.00 main wiring harness. i have the cable custom made with shielded cd changer cable wire so it gets no interfence. you would have to change the radio to one with cd button to install the custom cable. you would then be able to install the cd changer in the trunk. everything would be plug in and play. the cd changer power runs down the cd changer cable so need need to run extra power wire to the trunk. i recommend the 92 to 96 es300 cd chabnger 6 disc. it is a third genertion pioneer changer. the gs changer is a first genertion 12 disc made by fujitsu and are hard to find in good functioning condition. fujitsu doesnt know much ABOUT CD CHANGER DESIGN COMPARED TO PIONEER WHO INVENTED CAR CD CHANGERS. i will email you about an indash plug in and play option if you dont care to install the 3 piece change over system. i have an indash option for you that fits in the dash space and uses same brackets as your present radio.

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Forget all of that! Just get an RF Modulated cd changer that'll hookup to the antenna on your lexus radio. If you don't have a cd button dont worry. RF Modulated changers have a 3 or 4 inch LCD receiver thing. You point your control at it and press a button. Controllers do come with the changer as well as the LCD thing.

Go for it!

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