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  1. What is this check called? I would just go in and say...? Also, I had the factory head unit paired to a RF modulated disk changer. My 10'' factory pioneer sub was messed up so I got a 12''. How can I use this 12''? Thanks.
  2. Problems/Questions: (1) Using factory Lexus (Pioneer) head unit and after market amp or original amp How can I use an aftermarket amp with the factory head unit wired to a disk changer? I do not want to cut wiring either. I want to do this because I am currently using an aftermarket amp hooked up to an Alpine CD player and I cannot utilize the factory Lexus speakers. (2) Car repairs How can I get a full inspection on everything on the car. Examples: blower, sensors, braking system, fluids, transmission, engine, allignment, electronics...... everything (I cannot name everything because I do not know the names) Basicly, all of the nitty gritty things. Components that 20 point inspection would not check. Also, could I take my car to a Toyota place? Would it be cheaper? Could I request Toyota parts if they fit? (3) Cost How much will all of this cost? (The above and below) (4) Car description 1994 GS300 Sometimes my car will roll back in drive if on a slant! E-Brake catches whatever its supposed to hit to slow the car down while driving and sometimes the E-Brake light will go on and off...I can feel the car slow down. Sometimes I would give the vehicle alittle gas and it will not do anything then kick forward. I'm guessing the e-brake is getting stuck and causing friction. The taillight sensor light thing is indicating a light is out, but it is still working. The light will probably go out soon though. A fog light went out too. One window in the back fell off track the other back window has a broken regulator. I do not care about the windows though. What I do care about though is that the ABS plastic on the door covering the window opening (D shape), broke off partly and the rubber seal is hanging out. Also to make things worse, the rubber from the bottom of the window that runs into the door panel itself is hanging out. It has come out with the window one day. I really really need everyone's help. I am almost through with this vehicle if I cannot do anything to it.
  3. The bulb in my fog light blew out. How do I open it and where do I get the bulb for it? Thanks guys. I'm really tired of my GS 300 and its frustrating.
  4. The emergency brake light comes on and off. When I'm driving I can feel the car suddenly slow down sometimes. The emergency brake is coming into contact with whatever it is supposed to come in contact with while I'm driving. Someone told me that the E-brake is built into the calipers(?) or something. How do I fix this? When I apply the regular brakes the back ones squeal, get heated, and start to smell. I have replaced the back brakes, but I know it has something to do with the emergency brake messing things up. Sometimes I open my window and drive slow to listen and I can hear something that sounds like plastic or that sound when you slowly apply the e-brake. Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance.
  5. My friend slammed by back door one time and I heard a noise from the inside of the door. That window just slides down by itself and will not stay up unless I shove something in there. I have 94 GS300. I opened the door and some white plastic thing was broken. How do I fix this? This plastic thing, I believe held up a rod that kept the window up.
  6. I also need one too. I had an RF Modulated 10 disk blaupunkt changer and then one day it just said ERR and gave up. My ID is P1701 (Pioneer)
  7. Hey thanks alot, I appreciate it. I think I may have avoided this when I first started the project because it involved cutting the wires from the harness, but yeah I'm going to do it today thanks.
  8. Alright sounds good. Thanks. I just figured that it was proprietary and wouldn't let me use it.
  9. You just confused the hell out of me I put an alpine cd player in in place of the lexus factory(pioneer)....I removed the changer because it got screwed up. That is why Im using the alpine. The sub will be powered by my aftermarket amp. I just want a way to hookup the door speakers now. The doorspeakers don't have to be wired to the aftermarket amp. I just want to know how to do it because I have to bypass the factory amp or is there a way to use the factory amp for the door speakers? I could use my aftermarket amp as well because it has 4 channels. As soon as I disconnect the Lexus factory unit from the big wire, which has doorspeaker wires and amp wires in it, I can't use the door speakers which makes sense. I tried to tap into those and I tried all of them, but for some reason none of the door speakers output sound. Another question, my amp requires you to plug in the remote wire. Could the remote wire be plugged into the Lexus factory(pioneer) unit? If so, how? And yes, you are right about my not knowing how to do this. Alittle less confusing this time please :)
  10. I have a 94 GS300 and I added aftermarket sub,amp,cd player.....I tried many times to tap into the wires so I could utilize my existing door speakers with my aftermarket amp,sub and cd player. What can I do? I've tried every wire I saw in that Lexus connector plug, but still nothing. Am I just going to have to rewire all the door speakers to the cd player? Thanks.
  11. Hey guess what everybody? My serpentine belt broke and my car started smoking 75 miles away from my house in the ghetto. Oh and there were crackheads staring at my car.
  12. Brake fluid is still full and pads are fine. Anything else? Thanks.
  13. We found out it was the power steering pump. The noise was coming from underneath the power steering fluid resevoir. The steering seems alittle loose too. Is there a way to adjust/fix it or do I have to buy a new and expensive pump?? 94 Lexus GS300 Thanks.
  14. My car will slow down alittle sometimes and the BRAKE light (only on when Emergency Brake is on) comes on and off even if the e-brake is not on. What's going on here? How do I fix this crap? Thanks in Advance
  15. Forget all of that! Just get an RF Modulated cd changer that'll hookup to the antenna on your lexus radio. If you don't have a cd button dont worry. RF Modulated changers have a 3 or 4 inch LCD receiver thing. You point your control at it and press a button. Controllers do come with the changer as well as the LCD thing. Go for it!