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Dash Brake Indicator Light


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I went to Reno this week and it was pretty cold low 30s, after the car sat all night outside the e brake indicator light would not go off. The brake was not on (coasted with out any drag) I parked the car and went to the movies, when I came out after the light was off. I did not use the e brake at the movies. The valet took the car and used the e brake last night and this morning it is stuck on again. It didn't go off until I had driven about 50 miles then it just went off. Temp this morning on the road was about 28F.

Is there some place I can clean and lube to keep the cable from sticking and keeping the light on. Fluid is full also.

On another note anyone that is going to the cold areas from a warm climate should make sure you put the anti-freeze windshield washer fluid in your car as the wipers freeze up and don't work to well when you wash the window, then the washer nozzles will freeze and you have nothing.


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