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2002 Sc430 "lowfuel" Display


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I have only had my 2002 for a few months, so have very little experience taking the fuel all the way down. But, the yellow warning light goes on when I guestimate the gauge at about 1/16 full; at that time the trip computer gives me about 25 miles to go. I drove it past the the computer's 1 mile indication and the display turned to "lowFUEL". At that time, the needle was still a hair above zero.

So, my question is: What experience do you have driving past "0 mi" on the computer (i.e. how much reserve is there past zero)?

Thank you.

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usually you can go quite a distance before you actually run out of gas to the point your engine dies. you might have anywhere from 1-3 gallons left. and maybe more. according to a quick google search the sc has a 19.8 gallon fuel capacity on an 05 model. im assuming its almost the same if not the same. how many gallons did you fill up when you did after driving past the "0 mi". although you may have more fuel i think this is done to keep the fuel pump cool as less fuel means the fuel pump can heat up faster and we all know heat is bad! :P

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