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Nakamichi Cd Changer Problem

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I just purchased a 1997 Lexus SC400 with the stock Nakamichi CD system, including the 12-disc changer. I had to order a CD cartridge for it, which I received today. Upon placing my first CD (a burned Memorex CD-R) into slot 1 and inserting the cartridge, the system took a few minutes and finally started playing the CD. Then, all of a sudden, it just stopped. I went and took the cartridge out to see what the problem was, and the CD stayed in the changer itself. It now won't recognize that there is a CD in the changer and it won't take the cartridge down into the changer to insert other CDs or eject the CD that's stuck in there.

What can I do? Should I remove the changer and take it apart? Could it just be dusty? The car is in otherwise absolutely perfect condition. Could the changer be going on the fritz? It recognized the CD for about ten seconds, so I know it worked; but now it won't accept new CDs or eject the first one.

Thanks for y'alls help!

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Not sure if this will help any but try cutting off the power supply to your Stereo.

Best done by pulling the Radio fuse, and if you can't do that just take off your negative battery terminal for a few seconds.

I'm hoping that after a loss of power the head unit will try something new with the changer and may spit out your CD.

Kinda strange though that you were able to tak eout your cartridge with the CD still loaded.

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