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97 Rear Brake Lightbulb Replacement


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1997 and 1996 ES300

I've taken the trunk inside cover off to replace the brake lightbulbs that have just gone out. These are the bulbs to the upper right and upper left as you look at the rear of the ES300 (just to the upper left and right of the license plate). I've taken the lower right and lower left bulbs out (GE7440's) and the far left and far right bulbs out (W5W). I can't seem to find out how to get to the UPPER bulbs. I've replaced the 7440s and W5Ws in hopes that I would solve the problem but none of it worked.

1) Do I have a deeper issue than lightbulbs being out?

2) How do I get to the light bulbs? Take the assembly out with an open end wrench or what? How many nuts to remove then?

TIA but I'm kinda lost here!!!


Oops... Make that a 1997 AND 1998 rather than a '96. Can't type this AM!

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You should be able to access the brake light bulbs just like you did to the other ones (tail, turn signal) by twisting the socket to loosen and remove. The socket for the brake light bulb may be just a little jammed in there, so you may have to use some force to twist and remove. Hope that helps.

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