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Rx330 Filled With Diesel !


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This may sound funny...and I did laugh for a short while, but my daughter pumped 9 gallons of diesel into her empty 2004 RX330 before she realised the nozzle was GREEN! I was only able to get a small hose down 50" before I hit the same obstruction over and over in the 330's convoluted, small diameter fueling pipe (anti shipon screen?) So, I was unsuccessful in removing any of the offending diesel. Thought I'd next try to find the fuel filter and remove it to allow the pump to push the diesel out, but no luck finding that either. Any suggestions on either a successful siphoning method or where the filter may be located (which propably needs replacement now)....and IF that's the best idea short of removing the tank (uuuugggghhh!) HELP!!!

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...i thought the diesel pipes didnt fit into regular gas outlets on the cars...

how did she get it home? did the car still work? your going to have to flush out the system a couple of times (dont ask me how, i have never had this happen). Im guessing you take out all the diesel (wait for more responses) add gas in, flush again, add gas in so that all of it is removed.

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