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My Local Dealer Is Great!


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Last September I had a couple of days when the engine in my 98 GS400 cranked slowly. I instantly felt it was the starter motor. The dealer said no, try a new battery. Well I load tested my battery and it passed with flying colours. However, the problem went away. Last Monday the problem came back - low cranking speed, no cranking but a big clunk, then normal cranking speed. Once again I checked the battery, but also the voltage at the battery when the starter went clunk. Voltage stayed above 11.7. That told me it was the starter, as I first suspected. The dealer service writer listened to me, and the mechanic, whom I know quite well also listened, and I had them do the starter re and re. I just don't have time or the inclination in my life right now.

So the starter was yanked out, and the contacts found to be badly worn. New contacts, new solenoid pull, and a new air filter, and the car is fixed. They gave me 10% off both parts and labour because I am known to them through my company, and also shorted the flat rate, which is about 5.5 hours. They charged 4.1 hours INCLUDING the starter repair, done by the same mechanic at the dealership. The parts were $200.00 and the labour $300.00 plus tax of about $60.00 (this is Canada after all). Car was washed and vacuumed, and returned the next day. It's perfect.

So that's a happy dealer story to relate. I am very pleased with their work, and the price. They did what was needed, and nothing else, and at a price that no independant could have beat.

I still do fluid changes, brakes, and minor stuff. The dealer gets the rest. Great guys.

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Two "starter kits", one at $11.00 and one $20.00, and a "plunger switch" for $44.00. Four gaskets and one o-ring for the manifold cost more at $87.00. I also got an air filter for $48.00. Canadian dollars, less 10% on the final bill.

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