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Rear Suspension Renovation Question


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I am planning so far to: replace every part in the front suspenion except for the upper control arms, I also plan to replace every part in the rear suspension except for those upper control arms as well. Am I making a mistake by replacing the rear lower control arms or are they probably shot w/ 180,000 miles on them. I want to replace the entire arm just not with aftermarket bushings. I am referring to rear lower control arm #1 and #2 and I plan on replacing the bushing that lexus sells for the "strut rod". I also plan on replacing all four wheel bearings and new KYB GR2 shocks. So everything (both front and rear) from the bump stops, dust boots, stabilizer bar bushings, end links, lower control arms, shocks, and shock mounts and of course an alignment. Am I on track with this replacement based on the mileage or am I forgetting something.

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Yeah, I'm glad you mentioned the wheel bearings before, b/c when I first drive my car (cold) its like a low tone noise until it warms up it seems. It decreases once I get down the road a little bit, but it still remains present. I do have a lot of road noise coming from the rear and I think maybe the bearings are contributing to that. And if your bearings failed at 140,000 miles I'm sure mine are done also.

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Just a general question here, but is it even necessary to replace control arms? Bushings and bearings and joints, for sure. But I just don't see how a new piece of forged aluminum (control arm) will out-perform and old piece of forged aluminum - IF there are no structural cracks in the old one.

I'm not raising this question to cast doubt on anyones choice to replace such items, really i'm not. I guess I'm just not seeing the point of replacing a part that SHOULD last the entire life of the vehicle with no signs of degredation. To me it just seems about as useful as replacing the gas tank when it's not even rusting out.

Do control arms (not bushings) ever really "wear out"? Or NEED replacing? Someone please respond, because I'm not trying to be facetious or sarcastic here. I want to know because at 145,000mi my bushings are definately in need of replacement, but I wasn't considering for a split second that the control arms may need attention too.


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The arms don't wear out, its just like you said the bushings and joints. I'm replacing the arms only b/c I want oem lexus bushings and to do that I have to buy a whole new arm. But the auctual arm itself doesn't wear, it just breaks or bends.

If I wanted aftermarket bushings then I wouldn't be replacing the arm. Thats the only reason why I am doing it.

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