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Sc Life Expectancy

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I always get strange looks of disbelief when I tell someone I expect to get no less than 400,000 miles out of my SC. I figure it's no stretch of the imagination to think the car would last that long given that my last car ('91 Integra) got 273k before being sent out to pasture - and that was only due to my terrible habit of not performing regular oil changes. At times I'd go 8 months between changes and barely keep it leveled off in between. Which was really a testiment to the build quality of those engines.

But seeing as how I'm not only keeping up on my oil and other fluid changes (plus using Mobil 1), and the fact that Lexus is and has been #1 in quality since they hit the scene some 15 years ago, there's simply no doubt that I'll be driving this car for life. Besides, I made up my mind a long time ago that I don't ever want to buy a car as an investment (for it's resale value). I only buy cars that I'm passionate about and want to keep for a very long time. And the SC is definately one of those. :rolleyes:

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Because most people who buy a car just for transportation or for it's trade-in value don't bother joining forums and discussion groups.

So how many miles do you expect to get out of your SC?

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I hope to get at least 250000 before I have to replace the engine or transmission. At 214500 now. Transmission seems to shift hard every now and then (namely after its been warmed up or it gets to a certain operating temp). I'll probably find a low milage tranny next summer and have them swapped out. I'd have it done now but I'm in the middle of replacing my engine on my boat for next summer and getting it ready for season.

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