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Rear Motor Mount Costs...30-40 Or 150-175


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Hey guys my mechanic just called and said the rear motor mount I got is not the right part. I had a feeling that would happen because the part I got cost 35 bucks from NAPA but Autozone special orders the part takes 3 days and would cost 150 dealer wanted 175. Does anyone know where I can get one somehwere in between or should I expect to pay that much. Please advise.

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Rear engine mount you can buy two ways.

1. mount with bracket

2. refill mount

I bought just refill and my mechanic open the bracket ,take the old out and repack with new.

Toyota charge me for refill was $40.mechanic charge me $60 to pack it.

If i were you, i ask mechanic to pack the refill and save money.

just backet, just steel.

Which year car? Call toyota for "that" year Camry V6.

Hope that helps.

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This is what I bought and Toysrme said same kinda thing...I trust my meachanic(thats why i drive 30-40 minutes to him and leave car for a day or two) but he said i bought the wrong thing...when you say fill it do you mean take out old mount (which is not this part(pictured below) and put this thing inside of "rear mount"? rearmount.jpg

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