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Brembo Rotor Issue...

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I replaced the factory rotors with some brembo drilled and slotted ones about a year ago now...really just for looks beings that i put new rims on...anyway, they have been making a wierd clicking noise lately...i took my car to the dealership recently to have them looked at and they said they didnt see any problems with rubbing or anything...i know my front pads are needing to be replaced soon...my guess is that because the pads are low that maybe theres a little play inbetween the pad and the rotor causing the pad to move around? but it also makes the noise when i apply the brakes too?...i really dont know how else to describe the noise other than clicking, and it seems to be coming from my rear brakes? has anyone ever had similar issues before or know what might be the source of the noise?

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nevermind for now, after looking into previous posts from the LS forums, someone had the exact same problem...and the dealership didnt know what it was, turned out to be he/she needed brake shims...so im getting some put on tomm along with new pads...if that doesnt fix it, ill post again...

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