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Front Brake Vibration & Warranty?

Bob GX

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I'm looking for inputs on what I should do about a repair that I paid for but should have been covered by warranty.

My 02 RX always had problems with front brake vibration - 9,000 miles (rotors turned), 18,000 miles (rotors replaced) and 28,000 miles (rotors turned, new brake pads installed). The dealer covered the first two, but charged $310 for the last. When I got the invoice it said repairs had been made 'per TSIB', which the service advisor never mentioned.

Earlier this week I found a site where I could see the actual TSIB, and it indicates this repair should have been covered by the Lexus warranty, and my car was still within the warranty period, but I was charged anyway.

I wrote a letter to the service advisor with a copy of the invoice and the TSIB, requesting my $310 be refunded and that the dealer get paid by Lexus (the repair was made a year ago at this point). But I'm afraid to mail it for fear of irritating the service deparment, and making future dealings with them uncomfortable (since it looks like they were trying to cheat me on this repair and I caught them at it). I have an RX and a GX and there is only this one dealer within a reasonable distance, so I need to go here to get service. This will keep me from ever buying another Lexus - I really like the cars and the sales department, but getting repairs on a Lexus is expensive. It really upsets me to have this kind of irritation, I expected a better experience when I decided to buy Lexus.

What would you do in this situation? Thanks for any advice

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well considering this is the second time its been in for this problem and you have only been charged this one time...

its hard to say because im not sure how many times things can be covered under warranty issues. i dont think they cheated you persay, maybe a letter is a bit too much. perhaps just call the dealer and ask them directly. therefore, you wont need to wait for them to reach you and you can get a direct answer. i would call them...NOT TO ACCUSE THEM but to get CLARIFICATION

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