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If someone is out there and knows the answer, I can get done tonight. If not, I have to wait until tomorrow, but I've already got everything pulled out and ready to go.

Ok: installing my SRT intake system, directions are ok but not great. :chairshot:

The problem is that at the rear of my intake resonator (which the three vacuum hoses connect to), there is an electrical connector that I have no idea what to do with after I take out the resonator. Mo doesn't address it in the instructions, and the connector has two open tubes that the vacuum lines (stock) connected to, which would now just be hanging there connected to nothing. You run the new hoses from origin to the new pipe, whereas before they ran from origin to the resonator. I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to just leave this connector hanging there, but if I am I want to be sure about it. I didn't want to finish the install and have this stupid connector hanging there and cause a CEL or some problem with my vacuum system or engine performance.

So, has anyone installed a SRT on their 430? What do you do with this connector? :huh:

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I'm going to call him this morning, guess I posted too late. It was worth a shot if I happened to get the right guy looking at the forum.

I'll work on it again Sunday, take pics and post a tutorial, if I hear back from Mo.

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That is the CCV, canister close valve. You need it or you will have CEL problems.

Got it, thanks. All hooked up, no CEL, runs great.

It is LOUD under throttle. Normal driving you don't hear it, and in park there is no change when you rev it. It's only under load, but it was surprisingly loud. I'm going to try to quiet it a bit by putting a box around the snorkel (without inhibiting airflow) or running it down to the wheel well (if it fits, and doesn't expose to water.)

Performance seems ok, though, feels like it is pulling harder, although a "turbo lag" at launch.

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