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Gen 1 Polyurethane Bushing Question

Ross W.

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Hi everybody

Last year I bought Daizen's front poly bushing set, and at the time they had announced a rear set for my car. Then the announcement came that Feb. '06 it would be released, but I spoke to the place I bought the front set from (TM Engineering) and the fellow there said they had "no clue at this point" as to when they'd actually be out. Daizen's own site says "under development" for that set. My plan has been to install both sets at the same time, but the problem is now the rear suspension has become so sloppy that getting on the gas even a little in a corner causes the outside wheel to toe out and hop up into the fender lip & fenderwell with a loud BANG which cannot be healthy IMO. Because of that, I can't wait any longer. The Daizen front set is beautifully made, so there's no problem there, but time has run out for them. I'd like to get a poly set to tighten the car up a bit, and also because the 18's I got for the car work the suspension a little harder. So, does anyone else do poly bushings for my car? So far in my own searching I've come up with zip.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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l-tunedparts.com has the upper control arm and axle/carrier bushing set. this may be what you need?

Yes! That's it! Thanks so much! Soon I'll be able to scare relatives to death on mountain roads again! Well, not really, but at least the car will be tightened up and it won't be squirming all over the place!



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