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Lexus (1992) Inteake Manifold Variable Capacity ?


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is it true that lexus (like camry) was featured in variable intake manifold capacity ? In camry there is something like extra capacity in intake manifold - opened by special valve.

I'm asking because my LS is hard to accelerate from full stop. When I fully depress accelerator for 1 -1.5 sec. nothing happens (engine reaches RPM but I feel no power) and after that time (2sec) car starts fast. I checked everything - no error codes, all sensors, sparks and all components, fuel and have really no idea what can be wrong ? If I turn TRC off my car can not start with tires cheep (friend's LS doing it with no problem)

I remember that camry have variable capacity of intake manifold and if valve is damaged - car had no power - maybe in LS is the same ??

Thank you a lot

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