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  1. I was wondering if you could send my the pictures from your thread about the temporary fix for your knock sensors.  I want to try the fix, but can't find out what wires come in to my ecu from the knock sensors.  I can't view the pics on the thread.  If you could send them to me I'd really appreciate it.  




  2. Try to push console cover from end seat side to front pressing console open button in the same time - should open.
  3. My friend will go to dealer this week. It is very strange to me also - I have some experience in LS electronics.. Car is LHD and wasn't 'converted' from RHD (no any damages or repairs in the past).
  4. Hi Folks :) My colleague owns LS430 '01 European version. Few weeks ago battery was drained off and after this LS430 goes 'crazy'. Combination meter - all data on computer are in Japanese/Arabian now ! On navigation screen - when car starts - it shows Celsior instead of Lexus (as was before) When he opens driver door on CM there is right door sign and opposite. ODO shows from 0 to 345,6km and stops to count. Remote door lock doesn't work - using key only one door is close.. Passenger seat belt warning light is blinking where no passenger on this seat. Has anyone seen it ? Any advice ? We ware going to remove combination meter and check for shorts etc, but it looks like computer (which one) was reset to factory defaults ? Second option will be to exchange parts between our cars :)
  5. Repaired by me :) Yesterday I disasembled SMART key (photos there: https://picasaweb.google.com/mmilobedzki/LS430SMARTKeyDisassembly?authuser=0&feat=directlink) cleaned and key start works :D In a future I have to buy new one/used key and re-program it to my car.
  6. I read it two times and any solution doesn't work for mine SMART key :(. I ordered used SMART key - will be delivered next week. I also have Mini-VCI and TIS for which allows reprograming immobilizer and keys - I'll try with new delivered parts and will update you. Tomorrow I'm going to connect interface and check immobilizer error codes - maybe they tell me something .. BTW. Is this normally happen if you trying to lock a car using smart if you press locking button on door handle to fast - before door closer finishes - except beep I see "Key is different" on display. I don't know history of my car then also don't know what parts were replaced - maybe immobilizer ecu ? Strage was last two weeks when smart system worked as designed.
  7. Hi, I own my LS430 '2001 from four months. From beginning I had problem with SMART key operation (I have only one three button SMART key). I replaced batteries two times (sure are new), checked SMART button under instrument board - working properly, SMART LED is also working. Problem was: car not recognized SMART key and I have to touch door handle by SMART key and after that lights goes on (interior and in mirrors) and red LED on SMART key flashed once, when I wait 2-3 seconds for second LED flash and then I touch door handle by hand - doors were opened, but I was unable to start engine "Key is not detected" appears on display. The only way to start a car was to insert SMART key into cylinder and turn on. To close a car (using SMART function) I had to touch door handle by SMART key and then I to press button on door handle - Lexus locked doors. All wireless buttons works perfect - I can open, close car, open trunk - all the time. Something (I only remember that SMART key fell down on ground, but maybe I pressed buttons on SMART in any combination - don't remember) happens about two weeks ago and SMART system started to work as designed ! I feel happy :) I can open Lexus when SMART key was in pocket, start engine, open trunk, close a car... Yesterday I opened car using SMART function (with key in pocket), take some things from Lexus and close the car not using SMART function but using remote (pressing lock button on the SMART key) and.. again SMART started to work as I described on beginning - car is not recognizing it when I'm entering close to car, I cannot start engine etc, cannot open trunk etc. Why ???? Are any steps to activate/deactivate SMART system that can happen if car is opened by SMART and closed using wireless ? Thank you for help and apologize for my English..
  8. Hi, because LS430 has accelerator via wire how can I increase engine speed when I'm doing something under hood ? In past models (LS400) there was hard link and was so easy to accelerate. Is any way to do this in LS430 and how ? Thank you, Mariusz LS430 2001
  9. Good news ! Last Tuesday I changed knock sensor in bank1 (P0325) in meantime cleaned throttle body and my LS430 is now running with no ML light ! :D Until I did repair (about two weeks) - I used my car with workaround (I cut black wire close to engine ECU connector E7 pin 1 and connected input of engine ECU KS bank1 to proper working ECU KS bank2 connector E7 pin 2. ML also not appear, engine worked with no problems. Attached photo of workaround on engine ECU. By maniek_ls400 at 2011-12-18 By maniek_ls400 at 2011-12-18
  10. curiousB thank you for suggestion about injectors, but in my case they were out and checked by mechanic when he changed KS three weeks ago. Of course all o-rings were replaced to OEM. I also used STP (fuel system cleaner) few times - no positive changes. Sparks OEM - replaced with o-rings too.
  11. I posted document (m_di_0079.pdf) where you can find waveforms of KS. Thank you for bank1 - driver side clarification.
  12. Hi, I checked and my colleague who selling LS430 parts (has few LS430 models to sell as parts) is selling amps around $250. When I order something from US to Poland - postal (UPS) is below $40. If someone is interested I can help - send me PM.
  13. My repair plans were moved to Monday... In the meantime I have two questions - both surprising me: 1. bank 1 - my car is LHD - if I'm at front of Lexus and then steering wheel is on my right - bank 1 is on my right or left side ? Till today I thought that on my left side (driver side) is it correct ? (from DI-79 - DTC P0325/52 is for the left bank knock sensor circuit) 2. Engine ECU in LS430 models is under hood (in my also) - then why in Repair Manual "DI-79" part "when not using hand-held tester" author wrote: PREPARATION: a Remove the instrument panel under cover. b Disconnect the E4 connector of engine ECU. Thanks, Mariusz
  14. I've seen similar recommendations for spoofing secondary O2 sensors by driving the ECU from one good sensor and just disconnecting the faulty one (the signal line only, since there is error trap on current draw of heater element as well). The issue you have with the knock sensor is it has a purpose that you will be defeating. The sensor is to alert the ecu of improper firing in a cylinder and the ECU will adjust timing and perhaps fuel to trim out the problem and avoid damage. If you connect the wrong sensor to the other bank ECU input the ECU will see knock pulses that it thinks relate to the bank it is controlling and will take incorrect action to trim. Similarly it won't hear the ones it should hear. If you are trying to just keep the car alive for a few weeks or months until it goes to the scrap heap this might be an acceptable compromise. If you intend to keep it a while or possibly sell it to someone later you should fix this. Lexus didn't put in these sensors, extra electronics and ECU software just for the fun of it. My every car is/was in very good condition. I don't like to use workarounds instead of problem diagnose and repair. I say that find this solution - but I'm not going to do this in my car. Repair Manual recommend to exchange KS cables which comes from E1 to ECU - I'll try find KS issue as described in manual. What do you think - can leaked injector throw this problem ? My ideas for weekend are: 1. measure wiring(s) 2. measure KS as possible 3. exchange KS outputs to ECU (and go back with them after error will appear) 4. change all injectors from RH to LH 5. remove KS and replace with new one (next weekend if steps 1-4 say that KS bank 1 is faulty). Thank you for answers,
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