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Reasonable Charges From Mechanic?

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Just curious to see if my mechanic is charging reasonal fees. My 1998 ES300' engine light came on. My mechanic charged $96 for computer analysis including fuel pressure and engine vacume check. code P0135 was found. ND air /fuel sensor costed $250 and labor $89 to install. Total $435. New front rotor $175 and $$135 to install. And, $200 to flush the transmission. Service done in Metro Washingtion DC area. Thanks. :huh:

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yes and no, as it all depends on what you yourself are capable of doing in the garage or driveway.

1. The code could have been read for free at Autozone (savings = $96).

2. That isn't a bad price through a dealer for the O2 sensor, online may have been a little cheaper.

3. P0135 is bank 1 sensor 1, the hardest one to get at and the dealer is going to charge you at least and hour. If you are good with tools and have the right one, it can be done in the driveway.

4. Toyota/Lexus rotors can be had for $80 each through online parts distributors.

5. $200 for a simple drain and fill where only about 4 quart of tranny fluid is used would be "getting screwed". If it was a complete power flush, where they used about 14 quarts of tranny fluid, then that would be more reasonable.


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