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2 Small Problems

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I need some help fixing 2 small problems on my car...

1. On the climate control section on the dash, one of the lightbulbs went out. During the night driving, I can't see the front and the rear defogging buttons. Is it possible to replace it, and how can I do it?

2. the "SET" button on my seat (for the presets) is jammed. One of the valets from the dealership jammed it, and now I want to fix it. I saw the repair manual, and it said I should just "pry" the cover from the seat. My worry is that it seems as though that same cover is held in there by at least 2 screws (maybe even more). I don't want to do anything just yet, mostly because I'm worried about all the pyrotechnics in the seat. Any suggestions on how to fix it?


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To fix the climate control light bulb issue, please follow this link (http://www.clublexus.com/forums/showthread.php?t=104934). There are 4 individual bulbs (Lexus P/N 90010-03001) which provide the backlighting on all the climate control buttons, and 2 individual bulbs (Lexus P/N 90010-03002) which light up the LCD screen for the climate control unit. You will have to go to the parts counter of your Lexus dealership to order the bulbs you need.

For the plastic shield which holds the seat memory buttons, yes you will have to remove it in order to un-jam the SET button. Don't worry, once you remove the plastic shield, there are just a few wires underneath it; nothing too fancy or delicate. Just get at the SET button and be done with it ;)

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