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Speed Limit


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The age old addiage is "Avoid constant engine speeds & high loads".

I don't believe in the high loads (See previous posts of mine on break-ins - I believe it helps), but I can see constant engine speeds very early in the life *maybe* being a problem before the first oil change. But I also find that for the most part. That's hard to believe too.

It's just so hard to believe any "rule of thumb" or "old school belief" about breaking in any engine. I can't tell you what to believe.

I believe that driving it like you stole it is better for the rings, and bearings later on, but I also believe that break-in, as far as engine/transmission mechanics go, is fully completed at the factory - if not completed so much that by the time a car hits the boat, get's to the lot & sits for a week - it's broken in anyways.

Do what you want, just change the oil ROTFLMAO!!!

If I had a new car. I would drop & clean the oil (Or atleast change it myself) the very day I bought it; along with dropping $20 on an "legit" oil anylisis kit so fast your head would spin. The only way you would ever know anything, is watching the ring, bearing, cam lob & cylinder wall material wear rates drop like a rock past the first oil change as more & more of the original wear stuff is cycled out of the system.

Soooo my official opinion is drive it like you stole it.

My unofficial opinion is my official stance on oil drain intervals. Short of anylisis, you'll never know & if you're not up to anylisis, then you should just be contempt with whatever tingles your single.

That's just me.

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