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Trying To Change My Park Lights

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I was tryng to change my park lights today and i was very unsuccessful it looks like you have to remove the battery on the driver side and remove the air filter compartment on the passenger side please someone tell me this is not true because i can't get my hand down there to save my life and also what is the bulb model because it doesnt state clearly in the manual.

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Blackstarr777, Here is a list of part numbers for the Sc300/400...If your hands aren't skinny and long enough you might have to remove the battery. As far as the passenger side it is not necessary to remove airfilter just need the skinny hands...when you remove the bulb you have to turn the casing clockwise or counter clockwise (don't remember?) to loosen and get at the actual bulb. Remember when replacing Halogen/Xenon bulb DON'T TOUCH THE BULB with your fingers or hand, it shortens the life span.

Low beam: 9006

High beam: 9005

Park light :168

Front turn signal:1157a

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