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Sc430 Turbo Charging

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Does anyone know of a turbo kit available for my 2003 SC?

Thank you very much.

I looked around this site a lot. Its difficult to isolate posts that are for the SC430. I think that there should be a diffent forum for the SC430. I think that for people with the 430, posts with tinfo pertaining to the 300/400 have very little relavence.

Also, has anyone done any mods to the SC430. I got the remote start and open/ close, plus built-in radar/laser detector thing.

Thanks for replying.

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I understand your viewpoint and appreciate your input. Perhaps mentioning your impression in the suggestions forum may get a direct response from our admin. At this point, we do not have many 430 owners. We can sticky 430 info for now if that would assist. As far as turbo on the 4.3 - nothing for now. Unless you want to custom 1 off it. I would recommend contacting Lextreme - - as he has experience with forced induction on the UZ-fe motors if you are willing to do some fabrication and go from there.

There are some minor body upgrades that can be done and perhaps a torque converter available from level ten or precision industries. Check out the faq - even though it is heavily Xzz3X model SC's the info can be applied to all Lexus in general. Good luck - let me know if there is anything I may do to assist.


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As far as I know, TOM'S has made a turbo charger kit, but it won't work on the US SC. The ECU was modified. Stillen is working on a turbo or supercharger kit for the SC, but are at least a year behind. I would recommend asking a turbo specialist to tune and create a turbo kit.

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