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Just now, bulllissh said:

I was reading up on the thump or clunk on my  03 GX470 and I noticed there's quite a number of owners experiencing this. I wonder if anyone can tell me if this is a factory warranted repair or will the owner have to pay for it. Around how much should I save up if I have to pay for it.  I Have about 134,000 miles on my GX and lately I have noticed the thump. It's as if someone hit me from behind. Thank you in advance on any advice and or comments.



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On 6/22/2010 at 7:52 PM, ramana said:

the pdfs are posted on Page 19, thanks to mann777, It took me well over 90 minutes to read from start to end ( all the posts of this thread). So, I am including the pdfs here anyway if anyone reading random pages.

I too have both Clunk issue and 55-75MPH vibration issue on my '07 GX470 with 54K miles on it(just bought pre-owned from a remote non-Lexus dealer), hoping mann777 posted TSBs will fix my issues. I will try to call the local Lexus dealer tomorrow and see if I can get them fixed. I hope mine are covered as the TSBs say 72K or 7Years(72 Months).

and couple of questions about the vibration TSB, does it have to be under the floorboard because in the TSB in mentions under diagnostic procedure that," Confirm customer complaint of vibration/drone felt in the floorboard or seat between 55 -- 75 mph by test driving the vehicle and note the speed range in which the vibration/drone occurs."

I am not quite sure if I feel under the floorboard but my steering vibrates/vobbles like anything between those speeds, I feel like the whole car is vibrating.

I feel this vibration in my car is between 60-75MPH, does that mean I have both the problems mentioned in the TSB, i.e. 55-65MPH and 70-75MPH, ?

and why is 65-70MPH not covered in the TSB? I think I have the issue between these speeds too I guess.

is there any chance that they may deny as not being the floorboard and classifying as a different issue and try to rob me?

Thanks in advance.



Thank you for posting the TSB on the Clunk or Thump. I will print a copy and bring with me to the dealer here in Torrance. I hoping they won't charge too much.

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