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What Is Burp The System


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"Burping" as that person referred to it, is just getting all the air out of the cooling system. If the mechanic followed the correct procedure (see lexls.com tutorial), he should have removed most if not all of the air before he handed the car over to you. Even after it's done correctly, I always carefully monitor the reservoir coolant level at least the first 2-3 times I drive the car following a drain/refill, and I add coolant/distilled water (50/50) to the reservoir after the car has cooled down, if necessary. This will ensure that you don't run the engine with a low coolant level which could possibly cause damage from overheating in areas that are not getting sufficient coolant (for example, a blown head gasket). Also, if you suspect you were extremely low on coolant, you may want to open the 17mm filler plug by the water inlet housing after the car has cooled down, to ensure that coolant reaches that level, prior to adding to the reservoir.

Btw, if you continue to get a low coolant condition, you may just have a leak somewhere. My LS developed a small leak that was hardly noticeable. It turned out to be a small leak from the engine right side water seal plate, and thankfully, it wasn't very difficult nor expensive to fix. Of course, there are many more common sources of leaks.

Oh, also, if you haven't changed your pressure cap in a while, it would be a good idea to do that, or at least get it pressure checked.

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