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I just ordered some Yokohama avid v4s. Anyone have some reviews for me that have these on their SC?

I purchased a set of four since they had somewhat high reviews on tirerack.com. So far I like them pretty well overall. I've only had them on the car for about a month. I see no difference between these and the michelin pilot sport tires that are approx. $200/tire. multiplied x 4 $800 thats a good bit of money for a set of tires. Overall so far I am happy with the yokohama avid v4s. Had a lot of dry weather lately, no rain or snow so I dont know how they will perform under those conditions. Tires seem to grip pretty good (too bad I didn't have them a few months back when I was going around a sharp turn and hit some gravel which then spun my car out of control and causing over $3000 worth of damage.) I dont think you'll be disappointed.

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