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Radiator Leakage..

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hi everyone...

i recently purchased an sc400, 1994 (148,000 miles) . a month later i notice that the engine coolant light was coming on. i put in more coolant but it seems to empty by exactly 1.5-1.75 litres in a time-period of 2-3 days. every 2 days i need to put in that quantity of water'/coolant.

i believe my radiator is cracked/developed a leak at a specific higher level, which is why it is remaining about 85% full (9 litres of 11 litre max capacity).

how much would it cost for a used radiator? i am getting some quotations of 150-175$ at www.radiator.com,

www.partstrain.com, and www.carpartswholesale.com

does anyone know what the labor charges might be at a local mechanic? abt 100 $ ?

or is it better to get my existing radiator fixed/welded?



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