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P1354 Vvt System Malfunction Bank 2


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Hello I have a 99 rx300 and the code P1354 came out. It reads VVT System Malfunctioning (Bank 2). Does anyone have an idea on what exactly I need to replace. Some say its the oxygen sensors (which one?) Thankyou.

The vvt-i oil control valve needs to be checked for a possible malfunction along with the cam sensors, bank two is the one where the oil cap is located. if you are mechanically inclined you can remove the engine cover and see the oil control valve, it has a black connector and the valve body is gold in color it gets attached to the cylinder head with one 10 mm bolt, remove and pull it out, fairly easy to do. you can bench test it or just get it replaced...... :cheers:

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Does this code have anything to do with the Throttle position sensor or the ECU?

more so the ecu than the TPS, also it was bank specific so if its ecu related it will throw other codes

and if its tps related it will be both banks.....

I would check the OCV on bank 2 and go from there.

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I just watched a video where the VVT solenoid was causing brakes to not work intermittently. My 99 rx300 is doing the same thing. I did get a VVT bank 2 code and some misfires on 2,4,6.
Initially, I was only getting a Air Fuel Ratio code on bank 1, just replaced it, but not bank 2. I figure Ill do bank 2 Air Fuel Ratio sensor and both the VVT solenoids.
REALLY hope this fixes it.
Great info on this forum.

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