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  1. Is there anyone in NY that can perform or help perform this job on a 01 rx300?
  2. Need this asap. Front passenger switch. Would also appreciate it if someone in NY would meet up with me so I can try there switch on my vehicle to confirm the culprit. Thanks and please PM me if you have the part for sale. -Pablo
  3. First of all, Ive been researching to see if another person has had the same issue as me and I came up with this This person has the exact same issue as me. However I would like to add a few things. The vibrating/nasty sound (It holds the car back for about 2-3 seconds and does not let it accelerate smoothly) only happens when accelerating from a stand still and when this occurs the traction signal lights up in my dash. Another thing I would like to add is that I went to a trip 2 weeks ago and I set the parking brake overnig
  4. Trading in my 02 Rx-300 soon. Would like to either trade for your current tires plus cash or sell the tires outright. I purchased these tires brand new about a month ago and have put no more than 150 miles on them. I have reciepts to prove purchase of tires and proof that tires were balanced and car was aligned at time of purchase. I paid about $150 for each tire and most of you should already know how great and expensive these tires are. I am located in Queens NY and would like to do a local deal. We will discuss pricing once I have a interested buyer. Thanks -Pablo P.S I will be ch
  5. Must be complete with springs, strut mounts, etc. Not looking to spend much, problem is im having front end noises and I just replaced the front struts with oem lexus struts and the noise still persist. Maybe the springs or something else on the assembly. Pm me or email me to Thanks
  6. 1 more thing, I was reading through the ABS activation threads and it seems that issue is when you step on the brake the ABS kicks in. My issue is that out of nowhere when I am completely stopped at a red light lets say. Light turns green and I step on the gas, the car hardly moves and it sounds/feels like if the ABS were kicking in the rear driver wheel. I think they are two separate issues...
  7. I havent had the time to check the abs sensor or ring yet. So far the vibrating and sound (sort of like the ABS is kicking in and is holding me from moving for about 3 seconds) is coming from the rear left wheel.
  8. Thanks for the reply, would a dirty ABS sensor give a CEL because nothing showed up on the guage cluster.
  9. Hello everyone, I was driving last night and noticed when I tried to accelerate that car would vibrate for 3 seconds and sounded like the ABS was kicking in. During the 3 seconds the car would barely move, sort of like if you try to accelerate with the hand brake on. Does anyone know what the issue could be? I would really appreciate the help. Thanks -Pablo
  10. Thanks for the help but the problem still exist. I need to go in for inspection soon so I need this issue resolved. Please help someone. Is there anyway I can check if the sensors are bad or the cat is bad? Thanks -Pablo
  11. Hello everyone, first of all my car has about 92k miles. While driving, the CEL light popped up and the VSC light also lit. I have an OBDII scanner and I check the code, the code is P0420 which is catalyst efficiency below threshold. I researched and some said that it could be the weather, gas, etc. So I removed the code and the CEL came back within 150 miles. Now I am stuck in a dilema. Can someone please direct me to what steps I should take now, what should I look for and what should I replace. I have also noticed that my gas mileage has decreased tremendously. Please someone help.
  12. Hello everyone, I currently replaced my battery and now my driver side window does not work in AUTO. I can lower it and raise it but not on AUTO mode. Any ideas on how to program the window? I know that in other cars it resets after disconnecting the battery. Thanks
  13. I have been experiencing some problems (with opening and closing the passenger side window and the rear driver side window) for months now buts its getting to the point where it's becoming difficult to close the window. First off, from time to time the passenger side window will not close using the window switch or using the driver window switch. The rear passenger side has also been closing on its own (ghost??). Lets say I open the rear window, 30 sec later it closes on its own. Anybody have any ideas on what the problem could be or if anyone has experienced this issue. P.S. If anyone
  14. Pablo- How many miles do you have on it? I don't have the parts numbers but unless you have a lot more than the recommended 90k mi. you probably don't need to change any of it, at the very most the timing belt. When I changed my DIL's timing belt at 97k it looked like it had 20k on it. (it was the original belt) I did not change the water pump or idler pulleys and when I checked them at 120k they still felt like new. They put some VERY robust parts on these vehicles. I would personally only use original parts. It's your money and your car but you probably won't be changing them because they're
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