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Silverstar Turn Signal Bulbs


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Hi all,

Just bought an '06 RX330 (Flint Mica/Light Grey)

Was hoping to replace the front and rear turn signal bulbs with the Sylvania SilverStar bulbs (the ones that look clear but flash orange). I just don't really like the "egg yoke" look of an orange bulb under a clear lense.

Seems though that the turn signal bulbs are unique to Lexus. Has anyone ever replaced them with a bulb other than the 994 (or was it 992) bulb that Lexus says it is. Sylvania doesn't make one in that number.

Much appreciated!


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You can probably get LED replacements at superbrightleds.com

Look silver until lit but you may need to add resisters in parrallel to get the blinker to work and/or fool the ECU diagnostic which might otherwise indicate an open bulb filament.

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I have LEDs for the same reason as the OP in the front and rear turn signals, as well as my parking lights, for my 2004 RX330. I use the inline resistors to get the turn signal timing correct.

Overall, I have mixed feelings. They accomplish the goal of getting rid of that "egg yolk" look. In the evening, they work great. But in the daytime, they are not very bright (dimmer than stock). I am using the largest ones available (I believe) for that plug size (I can't remember the actual part size, but it's in your manual). The LED I'm using has 9 LEDs, I believe, and fits through the stock opening in the taillamp assembly, but barely.

I would be interested in hearing about any experiences anyone out there may have with Sylvania or PIAA replacement bulbs that accomplish the same aesthetic, but provide a brighter light.


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Thanks for the info. I ended up going with a cheap APC pair off of ebay. Looks good on the front, but probably will burn out quickly or the "silver" look to the bulb wears off. Like one of the replies, I did notice that in daylight they are somewhat dimmer thin the stock bulbs. But only $15 bucks/pair, so you get what you pay for. Unfortunatley Sylvania doesn't make their blinkers in the right size/part number.

My new question is how to replace the rear turn signals?? I popped off the covers on the inside, but only found wire connectors. I wasn't sure if I should start disconnecting those to get to the bulbs. Any thoughts?

Much appreciated


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