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Tape Player Problem


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Hey guys, I'm new to this site. I have a 93' LS400 and just got an MP3 player. I bought a tape converter for the mp3 player to play on my stereo, but when i put it in, it clicks and then goes back to the radio. It just doesn't want to play tapes. I tried it in my buddies car and worked fine. Please help.


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alot of older stereos wont handle those.. if u can afford it go with a new head unit one with aux input some have them on the front i know (aiwa) does 4 sure.. or get 1 with the aux in back get a 3 mm to rca adapterand your good to go. :cheers: oh i forgot fm tansmit u said u have the tape 1 try 1 of the wireless 1s.. not my recommendation i think they sound like crap.

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Try routing the cable and putting it in the other way so the tape goes in on the opposite side to the one you are trying. Alternatively hit reverse when you put the unit it to switch the tape side.

These adaptors only work in one direction, and the auto-reverse tape decks, instead of playing them on the other side will assume the tape is broken and switch back to radio.

Also make sure the cable is not blocking the tape case from fully going into the unit.

Good luck!

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