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Fog Light Bulb Question

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Alright guys, time for the newb question of the week by me! I own a 01 gs300, and recently ordered the yellow housing fog lights off a gs430. I was reading in my owners manual (trying to learn new stuff about the car) and came across the bulbs section. For the gs300, i believe it was an h3 bulb for the foglights, while the 430 has a 9006 foglight bulb.

Now a lot of threads here have talked about replacing the foglights themselves with no problem, but have never really tackeled the problem of the bulb fitments. So am I misinterpreting something in the owners manual? is there not a problem with a h3 fitting into a 9006 slot? Or is it just down right too late at night, and Im just typing for no reason.

If anyone knows what im talking about then any response is appreciated. Thanks a lot guys/gals!

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