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Rx300 Engine Stalls After Starting


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Hi Folks

I have a 02 RX 300 with about 60K plus miles on it. I've never had an issues until now where the engine stalls as soon as it starts. Basically what happens is that when I start my car regardless of the time of day or if it has been running or idle for awhile, the engine starts but suddenly dies. This goes on for unless I accelerate while I turn on the ignition. This problem is very intermittent and hard to reproduce but happens atleast once or twice a week.

Also, the engine never stalls when the car is running. Took it to the dealer he says they have to replace the ISC motor and it would cost about 900$. I asked him if there were any fuel injection issue or something on those lines, he said no and this was supposed to be a known issue with Lexus models.

Can someone please throw some light on what the problem might be.

Thanks in advance.


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