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Knocking Sound In Dashboard?

Baby Alex

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I have a knocking sound in the dashboard that affects my AC.

The only way I can make he knocking sound go away is to turn the temperature up all the way.

Then, when I put the AC on while putting the fan on either low, medium or high two vents pump out hot air while the other two vents pump out AC.

The Lexus dealership charged me for an hour and said they fixed it by moving some things around that were hitting each other. Unfortunately the problem came back a couple of days later.

I bought it back this morning in hopes they'll fix it. Has anyone else had a problem like this?

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My God, I just heard from the Lexus dealership and they said the knocking sound is a servo-motor.

It will be seven hours of labor if they don't have to take the dash out. If they do have to take out the dash it will be eleven to 12 hours.

Does anyone know a Boston area mechanic that may be able to tackle this for less than dealership rates?

I just bought this car a few months ago and the guy told me that the dealership (where it had been maintained in Jersey, I live in Boston) said it would cost $200 or so to fix. The part alone is over $200 though.

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